Neither Wolf, nor Lamb

Forum Asia, July 2004

Embracing Civil Society in the Aceh Conflict

Shane Barter


TNI does not kill the people, but it does chase the people on these pictures and their group.

A Billboard in a TNI Camp, Aceh (Foto from the report)

This book is an introduction to the complicated story of Aceh. It has no underlying thesis, but it does have a goal; undermine the lamb and the wolf. After all, there can be no peace between the lamb and the wolf, whereas in Aceh, peace is a necessary goal for all actors. In order to undermine this story, we intend to hold all actors responsible to human rights standards. The second goal is to provide an extensive bibliography for further research possibilities in the Aceh conflict, though this goal comes at the risk of ‘over sourcing.’ The final goal of this text is to look to civil society in a future peace, one not decided by military groups with similar, wolf-like worldviews. This is the story of the Aceh conflict.

read the full article here (PDF, 305 p, 8 MB)

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