The Struggle against Impunity in Indonesia

September 2015

Conference Proceedings
Berlin, 23-24 September 2014

Event format

ImpunitycoverWe at Watch Indonesia! e.V. wish to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Munir’s death by organizing a conference on the topic of impunity in Indonesia, which will take place in Germany. We intend to discuss various human rights violations that have taken or are taking place in Indonesia, with special focus on Munir’s murder, the massacre of 1965 and the human rights abuses happening in East Timor. Germany plays a prominent role in this context, as it can influence actors within the civil society and make use of various initiatives to facilitate dealing with the past and ensuring that the Indonesian society never forgets the crimes that were committed. Moreover, the German society and government agree on the importance of past crimes being officially acknowledged. This discussion-based conference is expected to expose new opportunities for action and practical approaches to ending impunity in Indonesia. In addition the event should highlight the lessons that Indonesia can take from German civil-society organizations in regards to coming to terms with the past.

The goals of this conference:

  1. Creating a discussion platform in Germany geared towards combating impunity in Indonesia, stimulating new ideas and approaches for the work of relevant organizations active in this field, as well as carving out a new, collective and internationally aligned strategy of advocacy against impunity in Indonesia.
  2. Providing impetus for the continued cooperation of Indonesian and German organizations on the topics of commemorative culture and the process of dealing with past crimes.


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