From the beginning environmental issues have been an integral part of our work as in fact the exploitation of natural resources go hand in hand with human rights violations and environmental degradation. Since the resignation of Suharto we have intensified our work in this field. In the last years the main focus has been shifted to the issue of palm oil consumption because Indonesia as biggest palm oil producer globally is increasingly offering land for plantations. We have been one of the first organisations that highlighted the connection between the industrial countries energy thirst and the consequences for Indonesia. The environmental exploitation through oil palm monocultures, mining, paper and timber industry threatens the economic, social and cultural rights of a large part of the population.
Through the annual forest fires and the subsequent loss of forests alone Indonesia has managed to become one of the biggest emitters globally. In the light of global measures to mitigate climate change Indonesia is demanded to reduce the rate of deforestation and therefore to contain emissions. We are following this development critically and at the same time campaigning for meeting the people’s rights.


Rainforest Instead of Palm Oil


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