Human Rights


Since 1999 human rights are legally guaranteed, international agreements signed and partly ratified. Despite the advancements in the legislative sphere, there’s still a reason to worry: Torture of prisoners, arbitrary censorship and limitation of the freedom of expression and ongoing impunity for human rights violations are common practices. We support our partners in terms of lobbying and advocacy and stress critical situations.

Whereas civil and political rights are at least technically actionable, an increasing amount of people experience their economic, social and cultural rights denied. In the light of the exploitation of natural resources many lose their land right and environmental degradation cause severity to exercise their right to food and to water. We are warning about these developments and underline Germany’s responsibility and the responsibility of other industrial countries. We support our partners within their demand on fair land distribution and a fair distribution of the burden that occurs through climate change and global consumption of resources.


Rainforest Instead of Palm Oil


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