Elections 2024 in Indonesia: Analysis and Opinions (Article Series)

On 14 February, Indonesia will hold the world’s largest election in a single day. The approximately 205 million eligible voters are called upon to elect a new president and vice president as well as almost 20,000 representatives for the national parliament, the provincial parliaments and the district parliaments.

In view of their formative power, the presidential elections are widely in the focus of public attention. Since mid-November, the approved pairs of presidential and vice-presidential candidates who will run to succeed President Joko Widodo and his deputy at the head of the country next year have been finalised: Prabowo Subianto and Gibran Rakambuming, Ganjar Pranowo and Mohammad Mahfud Mahmodin, Anis Baswedan and Abdul Muhaimin Iskandar. In line with the constitution, Joko Widodo is not allowed to run again after two terms in office.

It is not only the political record of most of the candidates and the incumbent government –   particularly in terms of human rights – but also the machinations in the run-up their their selection that have Indonesian human rights activists and academics looking to the future with concern.

We spoke to some of them and asked them for their analyses and assessments.






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