Artistic Perspectives on Human Rights and Impunity in Indonesia

Event on 14th September 2022, 6:30 pm at Berlin Global Village

How can art be a part of addressing human rights violations of the past? Activist and engaged art can help remembering and processing human rights violations. The role art can play in overcoming impunity is little discussed.

In Indonesia, many severe human rights violations of the past remain unpunished to this day. 30 September marks the anniversary of the alleged coup attempt that took place in Indonesia in 1965 and for which communists were blamed. This was followed by mass anti-communist killings (1965-66) by the Indonesian military regime under General Suharto, in which between 500,000 and three million people were killed. While victims and survivors struggle for recognition and reparations, the perpetrators go unpunished. While victims and survivors struggle for recognition and reparations, the perpetrators suffered no consequences. Many more human rights violations have followed. Impunity and the shrinking civil spaces pose a very serious issue for human rights defenders. We would like to discuss this together with artists, human rights experts, and contemporary witnesses. 

The event will start with a dance performance, followed by a discussion with a survivor of the massacres of 19765/66. We will finish with a panel discussion featuring artists and human rights experts. After the discussion, we invite you to a small get-together, so that there will be enough time for follow-up discussions and informal exchange.

  • Panel discussion: with Andreas Harsono (Human Rights Watch), Elsa Clavé (University of Hamburg), and Rianto (lengger dancer and choreographer), Moderation: Camilla Kussl (Watch Indonesia!).
  • Genjer-Genjer dance performance: N.N.
  • Sri Tunruang (IPT 1965) will talk with Dr. Willy R. Wirantaprawira (survivor of the 1965/66 massacres).

The event will be held in English; German and Indonesian translations can be provided.

A joint event by Watch Indonesia!, International People’s Tribunal 1965 (IPT 1965) and Stiftung Asienhaus.

Address: Berlin Global Village, Am Sudhaus 2, 12053 Berlin

Note on COVID-19: We may adjust precautions due to the current pandemic situation. Please bring a mask.



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