Westpapua: Reject Extension of Special Autonomy & Free Victor Yeimo

West Papuan people are rejecting the extension and revision of the special autonomy law. In support of a call by West Papuan grassroots organisations, on 25 May 2021 TAPOL and the Papuan People’s Petition (Petisi Rakyat Papua, PRP) hosted a range of West Papuan grassroots organisations and NGOs from around the world to make statements at an online event titled “West Papua: Reject Extension of Special Autonomy and Free Victor Yeimo”. Victor Yeimo is the international spokesperson for PRP who was arrested on 9th May. Watch Indonesia joined with a statement.

Click here for the Youtube recording: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPkCmFUimcVmvUdDMMnPdOA

Live broadcast on Facebook and Tapol UK’s Youtube Channel starting at 10am (BST), 11am (CEST), 6pm (PGT).

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