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The industrial and agricultural project in the Mamberamo river catchment area in the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya/West Papua

Berlin, May 1998

The information was compiled with kind support from Down to Earth, London

The watershed and project area covers a staggering 7,711,602 hectares almost the same size as Java. Almost 100% of the area is covered by primary tropical rainforests. Currently it is classified as production forests (31.6%), conversion forest (29.6%) and protected forest (29.6%) and other categories (1.4%). Wildlife found in the area includes, crocodiles, tree kangaroos, cassowary birds, parrots and birds of paradise. The catchment area ... read more

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(Deutsch) Geiseln für das Weltgewissen

(Deutsch) Geiseln für das Weltgewissen

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German version

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Rainforest Instead of Palm Oil


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