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New Deadline 18.4 + Authors Wanted for a Dossier on Urban Transformation

+++ NEW DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS 15th of April 2022 +++ 

To increase awareness and knowledge of the topic of Urban Transformation in the Climate Crisis, we are planning a dossier of relatively short articles.  For example, we are interested in contributions on the following questions/topic areas with reference to either Jakarta or Berlin, but are also open to other topic suggestions:

– What are future visions for climate-neutral or climate-friendly cities?

– Urban lifestyle: What forms of urban lifestyle are sustainable – in terms of nutrition, consumption, transport, etc.? 

– What about Berlin, Jakarta, and compliance with the Paris Climate Agreement?

– How is the “right to the city” being thought about, conceived and implemented?

– How can the Global North and South cooperate?

Deadlines: please send short descriptions (200-300 words) with a preliminary working title to up to and including April 18, 2022. After acceptance from our side, we expect the full papers by 15.5.2022. The publication is planned for November 2022.

Specifications: We expect contributions in a length of 6000-9000 characters (4-6 pages) in English, German or Indonesian. This should already include graphics, tables, images, and references. Please make sure that all tables, graphs, and figures are appropriately scaled and readable; larger elements should be based on the word count accordingly. Please indicate/cite all sources in the text.

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